Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread rapidly around the world in 2020. With more than 8 million infected and hundreds of thousands dead, Digital platforms were created and deployed to help government around the world with mass contact tracing and remote supervision of millions of its citizen.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation requested the Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative (JHU-GmI) to conduct a rapid assessment of digital platforms that have an established presence in several low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Emmimade worked closely with Madhu Jalan and Shivani Pandya as well as the teams to creatively design an editorial system for the report.

The editorial system was developed by creating a grid layout structure that is adaptable to the contents across all pages. Emmimde also created colour scheme illustrating functionality of the different deployed softwares as well as a primary and secondary colour that would be consistently used on the entire report.

To increase readability, the layout moves away from the densely packed pages typical of medical journals to incorporate more white space. Review articles are presented in a single and double column design with supplemental information like key points and figures moved to the margins. The team also developed guidelines for the design of statistical tables that are integral to every issue. Headers are set in Arnhem Pro and text is set in the sans serif font Gentona.

Client: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), Johns Hopkins Global mHealth Initiative (JHU-GmI), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Role: Data-driven design, Book design
Sector: Healthcare