Mahgherefteh Advisory now Magherefteh Teams provides bespoke client service for high-net-worth buyers and sellers of real estate throughout New York City. Mahgerefteh Team was started by Ariel Mahgerefteh. Born-and-bred in the New York real estate development world, Ariel Mahgerefteh absorbed the excellent service practices his father crafted and perfected for 40 years. History was in the making when his three triplet brothers joined him in creating a boutique luxury firm that would amplify their exceptional values with state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking. Now the Mahgerefteh family is dominating the market with a plethora of record-breaking sales.

Emmimade designed booklets to showcase the diverse portfolio of real estate sold by Magherefteh Teams over the years. The booklets were designed purposefully as a decorative piece displayed in sold houses for select clients. Intended to serve as a valuable reference beyond the exhibition. The design encourages readers to flip around the pages and to follow various properties that are up for sale.

Emmimade took a minimalist design approach with emphasis on large font sizes and photo across a large part of the booklet. The photo-centric approach to the design was to take the reader on a journey with property listing across different neighbourhoods in New York.